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The Town of Eastham’s
Affordable Housing Programs

Eastham’s Affordable Housing Trust is a community initiative that truly benefits all:

  • residents

  • would-be residents

  • local businesses

Helping our community prosper and flourish.

For Residents wishing for additional income:

If you own property in Eastham and would like to receive supplemental income, consider joining the town’s “Accessory Dwelling” program.

For Residents looking to improve their homes:

Eastham’s “Housing Help” program provides assistance for Eastham residents to preserve the condition of their homes. Find out about the Eastham Housing Emergency Loan Program.

For Current and Prospective Eastham Residents:

If you work within the town of Eastham (or plan to), the town’s “Housing Help” program assists you in locating and qualifying for housing. Learn more about the Eastham Rental Assistance Program.

For Local businesses:


If you or your business owns property in Eastham and you would like to add a reliable additional income stream, consider creating apartments on your property site. Learn more about the Rental Expansion Program.


Why are these programs so important?

Eastham is a wonderful town with beautiful landscapes and a rich heritage filled with history and culture. But what makes our town a community are the people who live and work here.

Unfortunately, there are many who may not be able to reside in Eastham due to a lack of affordable housing. Many of these individuals are our school teachers, police and fire officers and town employees. Others work in our stores and restaurants, in health and human services, in our tourism industry, construction, home maintenance and landscaping. And many more are people who already own a home here in Eastham but worry they can no longer afford to stay here or need to downsize.

These individuals are an integral part of our community and we want to keep them here. Let’s work together to help our town remain a thriving community for many years to come.


Eastham Affordable Housing Trust has these programs available: